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This page will walk you through printing the music you download. (Note: This is for Windows machines only!)

The first thing you should do is download and install Irfan View This is a free download and will install on any computer running Windows.
Next, open the program (irfanview.exe). You should see a window open like this.

Then open the file you want to print. Press "o" on the keyboard. Navigate to where you saved the music and choose the part you want to print. Load it. You should wind up with a screen that looks something like this:

The tool bar will be the same, no matter what the window size is.

Next, click on File and then on Print.

This will give you a dialog box like this:

Check in the lower right corner; If the size is a little iffy for your printer, just choose the ""Best fit to page" option.
Then hit the "Print" button. You should get readable, legible (as good as the original) music.